Friday, July 21, 2006

Will We Watch as Paris Burns?

Beirut, the "Paris of the Middle-east" only recently crawled out of the rubble of an awful civil war... and now, unprovoked, Israel threatens to send Lebanon back into chaos. They watched as the US launched an unprovoked attack against Iraq, and knew that we didn't have the moral authority to object...

It's shameful: Israel's action and our inaction.

It makes my heart sink.

I'm not alone, of course... even our nation's most conservative are shaking their heads at American hubris and swaggering stupidity in the face of events that will certainly color our choices for decades to come...

Check-out Pat Buchanan's stinging condemnation, here:

UPDATE: Political cartoonist Pat Bagley has a wonderful piece on the newest Israeli conflict.


Matt Elggren said...

Great segment, Silus. Thanks for sharing it.

You know something has gone terribly wrong (in the case where one is so insensitive as to not see that things went terribly wrong long ago) if conseratives are willing to separate themselves from the president and from neo-cons.

The US has failed its own interests and the interests of the entire world by not being prepared to intercede diplomatically (by not acting vigilantly in this role all along) as it has in the past. As you point out, clearly we don't have the moral authority to intercede even of we wanted to.

Silus Grok said...

My eyes well-up with tears when I think of The Great American Experiment... and that one administration has so blithely taken us so far from it in so few years is painful beyond words.

Silus Grok said...

Hey Matt... I checked-out your blog: looks fascinating, but your RSS feed appears to be badly formatted, and my newsreader is rejecting it... let me know when y'all get it working, as I'd love to join the fray!

Matt Elggren said...

"My eyes well-up with tears..."

You and me both, Silus. And I find it further distressing to see so many who profess love for the Prince of Peace in such a rage of war-mongering rhetoric.

Thanks for the heads-up on the RSS feed. I've sent you a private mail on the subject.