Monday, June 26, 2006

Menu: Pizza Party

So I had another dinner party this weekend... this time PFD and Ferry joined me at Captain K's place.

I set this one up, and asked PFD and Ferry to bring the meat (steak, chicken breast, and two types of sausage), and asked Captain K to provide the pizza dough and ice cream (for desert)... while I brought (and then cooked) the fixings for the three pizzas. I must say that this arrangement was fortuitous: Ferry's family being in beef, we had a choice steak which didn't cost them a penny... and Captain K's wife, Pumpkin, made the best pizza dough I've seen. It was absolutely amazing.

The meats were cooked separately and put into dishes as a condiment, as I wanted the unique fixings I chose to be the stars:

Pizza One

Hand-roasted bell peppers pickled in apple-cider vinegar, red chili flakes, and molasses
Farmer's market-fresh basil
Cow's milk mozzarella from Tony Caputos

Pizza Two

Caramelized sweet spanish onions from the farmer's market
Dollops of clotted cream

Pizza Three

Pan-sautéed porcini mushrooms
Roasted garlic cloves (whole)
Blue cheese


Breyers vanilla ice cream (well, ice milk, actually... but that's another story)
A chilled. piquant, fruit nectar reduction (featuring apricot, pear, and peach nectars)

It was amazing.

We rolled-out the doughs, brushed them liberally with olive oil, then dressed them with the fixings, and baked them at 450º. Very tasty... my only regret: re-heating the mushrooms. They dried-out a bit in the oven. Should have just put the sautéed mushrooms on a docked crust after it had cooked in the oven — or, perhaps, used pie weights.

* drools *

Between courses, we played a wonderful round of Settlers of Catan. Much to Pumpkin's chagrin, Captain K won. But only just — PFD gave him a real run for the money.

Can't thank Captain K and Pumpkin enough: their hospitality really made it all possible... and it was really fun watching PFD and Ferry make new friends.

Thank you again!

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