Monday, July 24, 2006

Lady in the Water

I headed to the theater Saturday evening, hoping to catch a flick... specifically hoping to catch Cars or Over the Hedge. Something light and airy to distract me from what has been a pretty off month. But as I rounded the corner into Gateway's food alley, the movie's marquee didn't look promising... Cars and Over the Hedge didn't appear to be showing. And the one movie I did want to see — M Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water — wasn't something I could see by myself. Too scary...

But marquees are sometimes wrong, so I took the escalator up to the theater, hoping for the best.

And who did I meet? My old roommate, Lafs, and Chocolate Kisses — a date from last year who is also a friend. They were on a group date and were waiting for the others to show. They were there to see Lady in the Water, and they asked if I'd like to join them. Um, yeah!

... thank Heaven for small miracles.

So Lafs introduced me to Chocolate Kisses... but we were already hugging. Small world.

Lafs' cousin and two other guys show up, and we head into the theater ( assigned seating ROCKS! )... and a few hours later, we left. My cohorts HATED the movie — which squares pretty well with what critics are saying about Lady in the Water — but I loved it. In fact, I even decided to post my review of it over at Metacritic. I don't think I can link to my review directly, so I'll just quote myself:

[A rating of 8/10]

Not MNS's best, but certainly a solid showing... and his larger budget is nicely reflected in better creature work. The difficulty is that this movie is a fairy tale — a bedtime story. And a self-aware one at that. Adults should take it, then, holes included. We don't talk of Little Red Riding Hood and complain that it would be impossible for the wolf to have two, whole people residing quietly in his stomach... we listen to the story for what it is: a bald moral tale dressed in the diaphanous robes of formulism. And that's okay.

I can't wait to see it again!

Anyway... there you go.

I loved it... but I loved The Game, too. So take my reviews with a grain of salt.

: )

Oh, and who knew: MNS penned a Lady in the Water book!

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