Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Carpool Lanes & the Rule of Law

This will be short.

This morning, I was heading to work and there was a multi-car accident... traffic ground to a halt.

I was in the outside lane, just next to the carpool/HOV/express lane... and as I sat there, I counted a couple dozen vehicles whiz past me with only the driver in the car. Now, I don't like waiting in traffic any more than the next person... but I just don't get the presumptiveness of drivers who do this sort of thing. Sure it's just a white line ( and soon, a double white line ), and you're not likely to get caught... but isn't that just the point?

Isn't civilization just a (very thin) white line?

Yeah: I'm being a little dramatic... but not entirely... I see a fundamental break-down: it used to be that folks didn't cross the white line. Now it's commonplace. Anyway, just an observation.

( An aside: I wish that traffic fines were gaged against the likelihood of getting caught... a $2000 ticket for driving in the express lane — especially if it were posted regularly — would certainly give pause. )


Speechie said...

Hey! I just wanted to restore your faith a little bit in the HOV lane laws.

Yesterday morning when I was driving to work I saw someone get pulled over for crossing the white line to pass another car...even though it was only a moment. :) :) :)

Silus Grok said...