Monday, March 05, 2007

Salt Lake City > Vegas | Part I of Driving to London

My trip actually started the week before Valentine's Day, when I took the beast (my 1994 Saturn SC2) in to get a new water pump. I had had a coolant leak in it for a little over a year, but hadn't found a mechanic I trusted. When I finally found the great guys down at Airview Texaco (1700 South, 1100 East — and they're full-service!), I was just too busy to leave the car for a day... but this trip was important, and I didn't want a failing water pump to keep me from seeing my sister, wishing my old roommate well on the eve of his wedding, or catching my plane. So I took her in... and a few hours later, she had a new water pump and coolant reservoir — and I had the confidence I needed to drive to London.

Instead of going out on the town, like I did last year, for Valentine's Day, I stayed home and packed... Then on Thursday morning, I hit the road.

My plan was to stop-in at BYU and have Reid — my barber — cut my hair for the trip. Then a breakfast date. But the breakfast date fell-through, so I stopped-in at the BYU Museum of Art to check-out their Beholding Salvation exhibit. Very very nice... and I was happily snapping photos of my favorite works until I was informed that photography wasn't allowed — though no sign said as much — by a surly she-guard.

* mumbles about the excesses of copyright *

But the exhibit was nice enough to inspire a visit to the museum store, where they had a lovely book for sale — with most, though (infuriatingly) not all the pieces featured. I also grabbed one for my sister.

After that, I hit the road in earnest and arrived in Henderson (Nevada) at 4pm. Right on time. It was good to see my sister and two of her three children. And after I passed-out some gifts that had been accumulating — including a hoodie for Chael from War Regime — my sister and I headed-out for dinner at Kona Grill. Tasty food... neat ambiance... smelled weird in the back. But a wonderful evening when all was said and done.

Next Stop: Los Angeles!

Photos from this leg of the trip can be found at my flickr account... starting with this photo I took at the museum.

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