Monday, November 06, 2006

If You Needed a Reason to Vote...


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on............... Please

Gary said...

Hi Silus. I want you to know that I voted, I even got the sticker to prove it.

I have a response for the guy in the video, specifically about his treatment of John Kerry's misunderstood joke. Before I begin, I very much think that the Republican Party did all they could to slaughter John Kerry for this. I was more disgusted by their reaction than I was by Kerry's blunder--or whatever you want to call it. The announcer called President Bush stupid; too stupid to realize he was being called stupid. If that's the case, if the President is soo stupid, why did Democratic politicians tell John Kerry not to come to their rallies in the days following? Surely it wasn't because they disagreed with Kerry calling President Bush stupid. They obviuosly didn't get the joke either. Either way, Kerry should leave the joke writing and telling to Letterman, Leno, and their staffs. A most unfortunate incident indeed.

Love ya bud. I'm bringing the brood to SLC next May: Kip's getting married.

Silus Grok said...

Gary: Kip's getting MARRIED?! Wow... didn't think I'd live to hear that happening.

: )

As for the democrats, well... they're political creatures — they distance themselves from controversy, unless they can directly benefit from it. You've tried to recover from a dumb joke before, it's not easy... it's even harder when it's not _your_ joke.

Anyway, I'm a wait-and-see guy with this newly-elected congress: most of these democrats are the same spineless weasels that cravenly voted us into the mess in Iraq in the first place.

Anonymous: it's bad enough you choose to comment from hiding, the least you could do is make a meaningful addition to the dialog. "Oh, come on... please"? What is that, B-movie dialog?