Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted! (With Updates)

Have you?

I'm in district 2228, and I voted at the Multi-ethnic Senior Highrise, at 120 South 200 West — the pink building behind the Salt Palace:

US Senate ( At Large ): Pete Ashdown — Lost to Incumbant, *mumble*
US House ( District 1 ): Steve Olsen — Lost to Incumbant, *mumble*

State Senate ( District 2 ): Scott McCoy — Won

County Council ( At Large ): Janice Auger — Lost to Incumbant, Jim Bradley
County Clerk: Sherrie Swensen — Won
County Sheriff: Jim Winder — Won

District Attorney: Sim Gill — Lost to Lohra Miller
Judiciary: NO on Leslie A. Lewis — Austed

Constitutional Amendment Number 1 ( Tax Exemption ): FOR — Passed

Salt Lake County Prop 1 ( ZAP Projects ): FOR — Passed
Salt Lake County Prop 2 ( Open Space ): FOR — Passed
Salt Lake County Prop 3 ( TRAX & Transit ): FOR — Passed

And while I was there, I shot a few snapshots for the AIGA Polling Place Photo Project.

PS... If you're in Salt Lake County, the County Clerk's elections website is really really helpful.


Scot said...

Have you?

You bet, and rather similarly. :-)

I wish, though, I had the sort of option you had for your state senator.

Silus Grok said...

It was a tight decision, actually... the Republican, Jarvis, is as moderate as they come and has a wonderful plan he's pursuing for healthcare... but, in the end, Jarvis struck me as too one-dimensional.

( Oh! And I'm glad to see you're a reader... I added your feed to my newsreader a month or two back. Great posts. )

R2K said...

: )

Silus Grok said...

Great avatar, r2k!