Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

So I drove past the Delta Center a week back, and noticed that the Delta Airlines sign was in bad shape — faded and banged-up. And I thought that it was time they replaced it... who would have thought the demons in charge of irony would hear my little prayer?

Seems like Larry H. Miller has left Delta in her nightgown, and has gone and jumped into bed with the hottest thing in town: nuclear waste. Yup... the Delta Center is now, officially, EnergySolutions Arena. Don't recognize the name? Well, they're the fine folks we used to call Envirocare ( and a few other things, that I won't print in my blog ).

The irony of a company like that sponsoring a sporting center isn't wasted, of course, on the good folks over at the Salt Lake Tribune. They're asking folks to give the Big Gray Box a nickname... so slink on over to the poll, and make your voice heard! What shall it be?

Glow in the Dark Park
The Tox Box
Nuclear Winner Stadium
Nukeback Mountain
Meltdown Manor
The Fallout Shelter
Plutonium Palace
Radium Stadium
The Glow Dome

I voted for the Tox Box... but the Glow Dome is a close second.


mihaelastan said...

Hahaha! Radium Stadium is my favorite!!! :)

Silus Grok said...


Gary said...

I'm sorry mihaelastan, but I gotta go with Silus on this: Tox Box it is. And though I'm not local, I live only four hours from Boston, home of the Celtics, and the Celtics probably play un SLC from time to time, and so I feel justified voting...and so I did...fifty times.

Scot said...

I’m surprised no one just shifted a letter. The Gamma Ray Center seemed like the obvious joke. :-)

But the propaganda feel of the official name has its humor too.

Stenar said...

My friends and I are simply calling it "The Dump."

Silus Grok said...

Only obvious to people familiar with Greek.

: )

And "the Dump" works... but "tox box" is so much more poetic!