Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogger Beta

So I've just switched to the new Blogger beta... and I'm trying-out their "labels" function, which I think/hope/expect will work with my Technorati account — without all the ugliness.


-L- said...

Things I hate about blogger beta:
- search no longer works
- I can't delete my comments on other blogs any more
- I can't even LEAVE comments on some blogs any more
- still has a bunch of bugs

Things I like:
- much improved spell check (now if only I can remember to use it!)
- labels
- tighter control

For anybody else contemplating the switch, I wish I would have waited. They're working out the bugs, but they're not at a place yet were I would take the plunge if I had it to do over.

Silus Grok said...

I'm eager to play more with the labels... and hope they work with technorati...

* crosses fingers *