Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poem: Strangers


When upon life's tangled roads,
a stranger you do meet —
in torn and tattered traveling clothes
or finer, gentler, 'ttire —
conspire not, within yourself
to bypass the passerby.

For whether they of kindred be
or of some other's sire,
tis not for you, their judgment mete.
But approach them and salute!
In friendship give a willing hand;
their burden you should loose.

And when, anon, the road divides,
do not part in haste.
But walk with them til eventide.
And walk with them again.
Then turn, embrace, and kiss:
this stranger you made a friend.

For ere you walked alone
in dire circumstance
for whither a man without a home?
Where is his happiness?
But when, with a friend, his road he takes,
there will he find his bliss.

So when upon life's harrowed path
a stranger's path you cross,
remember what a friendship hath
and more the merry be:
but do not forget in passing by
that kindness begins with thee.


This was a poem I wrote during my mission for a talk I was asked to give. It's a little contrived, but I like its cadence and its message.


Anonymous said...

I like this poem. It reminded me of a stranger I met at a small art gallery this summer. His kindness has touched me ever since.

Silus Grok said...

Kindness is a powerful force.

I need to work on being kinder.

Devin Thorpe said...

Great poem. I count myself as a believer in scripture, a fairly literal believer at that. I believe that your poem captures the scriptural guidance for caring for our fellow beings quite well.

I find myself overwhelmed by a two-block walk through our fair city by being repeatedly approached for cash, which I believe in principle I should generously share. I do give to a variety of charitable organizations that help the homeless, but I can never get over the feeling that ignoring those in need right in front of me is wrong. But I can't save everyone.

Query Silus: what should we really do everyday when we see folks who appear to be in need?

Loyalist (with defects) said...

Again, you have a fresh style with thoughts and words. Please give thought to publishing.