Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Death to Israel" Protestor Gets Green Jello's Goat

Over at Green Jello, blogger Pramahaphil complains that "Death To Israel" protestor is, indeed, antisemetic — and makes a common mistake, when he concludes that someone who is anti-Israel _must_ be anti-semitic.

In my comment to his post, I say:

I'd be willing to agree that chances are a man who chants "death to Israel" is indeed antisemitic... if only because hatred is rarely a sentiment with neatly cropped corners. But what you're saying is that hating the state of Israel is tantamount to a profound religious bigotry... and you're dead wrong.

I despise what Israel is doing in Palestine... I despise how we kowtow to them, and under-write their adolescent war-mongering. I hate that an American president can't seem to be elected unless they continue to support a two-state solution... but none of those things have anything to do with religion.

Conflating anti-Israel or even anti-Isreali sentiments with antisemitism is a despicable rhetorical device — often used by pro-[fill-in-the-blank] partisans to silence opposition... and I hope you're not stooping to such tactics.

What do you think?

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