Thursday, June 01, 2006

Menu: Dinner with PFD & Ferry

"Menu:" is a new category.

I love cooking for friends ( and even the occasional stranger... so long as they're a good sport, and appreciate quality over quantity ), and I love sharing what I cook with others. This won't be so much a recipe post as a menu post with lots of details.

Anyway, enjoy!

Last night I spent a few hours with a young couple from my ward: PFD (Pork Farmer's Daughter) and her husband, Ferry. Ferry's family has a cattle ranch, so featured on tonight's menu was family-raised beef... specifically porterhouse steaks. It was a wonderful evening, with a little vacuuming, a little basil sniffing... and a lot of laughter. We'll definitely have to do this again!

The menu:

Seered, spiced, porterhouse steaks, served cubed on a bed of toasted trofie pasta.

A composed salad of organic mixed greens, basil, chilled pear spears, gorgonzola cheese, and toasted almonds. Served on a skiff of ranch dressing and dusted with fresh-ground pepper.


: )

Author's note: you may have noticed that I have, once again, featured people with really strange names. If it's not painfully obvious, these are nicknames, handles — pseudonyms. They don't get to choose what they're called, but I take great care in finding just the right name.

Why? Well, I'm the last person who should be using a person's real name online...

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