Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodies from the Ether

I'll get around to my year-end post soon enough... so please indulge me while I mention a wonderful surprise that I got last week: a gift from my wishlist (the best way to view it is to sort by priority... if I could figure out how to craft a URL that does that, I'd be so happy!)!

Yeah, I know that gifts should come from one's wishlist... but that's not why I have mine. I have my wishlist to keep track of some 1300 books I'd like to buy for myself, and 300 or 400 other items — mostly music — that tickle my fancy as well. And I make it public because I think it's probably the best way to get to know me, short of chatting me up over dinner — which is a nice plus.

But here's the funny thing: because I link to it from my blog, my wishlist is registered under my pseudonym... and using my real address would kind of defeat my purposes in using a pseudonym. So my wishlist's shipping address is, um, not mine.

: )

So, I'm talking to a friend last week and they mention that they have something for me... and could I please come and get it. I swing by their place and there, in all its glory, is one of Amazon's trademark smiling boxes. It's a perfect image, as the box (and the smile) put a big smile on my face. But I couldn't recall having made an order... so I open it up, and there's a wonderful care package from an old friend. What a wonderful suprise... It still makes me all misty-eyed.

The package must have been waiting around for about a week... and it's been a week since I got it — what with the craziness of my move, and then my office's move, and my family's visit, and Christmas — so maybe now's a good time to take a second and give my old buddy a call.

Do you have a wishlist?

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