Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cleaning Out the Closet

So the remodel (phase one, at least), is coming to a close. Which means I have no more excuses to be living out of boxes. Time to go through those boxes and edit, edit, edit … and that's where you come in. I've got stuff going straight to charity … and then I've got stuff that I like too well to give to just anyone — and a few items, even, that I'm only going to let go to the right buyer.

Here goes:

Hollywood bed frame. Adjustable for twin and full box springs. Free for the taking. TAKEN

Custom bed frame for full mattress. Steel, powder-coated construction. Finish color is "root beer". Not the best picture.

Mid-20th-century ceramic pillow form. Japanese. Purchased @$75. Make an offer.

16 FLOR brand cocoa-colored coir carpet tiles. Purchased @ $400. Make an offer. TAKEN

Mid-20th-century shoji game board. Japanese. Solid wood — I believe it's alder. Purchased @ $60. Make an offer.

P├ętanque set (like bocce or lawn bowling) — includes rules. Purchased @ $60. Make an offer.

Two wreathes with faux red berries. TAKEN

Two kissing balls with faux red berries. TAKEN

Mirrored picture frame. TAKEN

Wooden picture frame. TAKEN

Double picture frame in marquetry. TAKEN

Leatherbound picture frame. TAKEN

Leatherbound picture frame. TAKEN

Leatherbound picture frame. TAKEN


Chexed said...

That ceramic pillow thing looks a tad uncomfortable.


Silus Grok said...

Yeah … they would wrap it with a small, dense pad and fill with boiling water — it was for winter. No central heating.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)