Monday, December 10, 2007

Portrait of the Artist as a Pseudonym

I've posted online under the "Silus Grok" pseudonym for years and years — and will likely continue to do so indefinitely. But a couple months ago, I started to think about getting a "self portrait" done, in order to flesh-out (so to speak) my online brand. And that's when I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a talented illustrator by the name of Jesse Ewing.

He and I have had fun over the last month going back and forth as the project progressed (see how it all came together in a Flickr set I've created for the portrait). And the final was just what I had hoped for!

And for the record: No. It doesn't look like the flesh-and-blood me — what use would a pseudonym be if I slapped it on a picture of me? Besides, I've always loved playing dress-up… and this is almost as fun.

1 comment:

mfranti said...

eeek! that's my bike. i have a pashley princess sovereign. it's black and shiny and i feel so pretty when i ride it downtown to pick up groceries.

i love the illustration, btw.