Monday, November 12, 2007

The Unkindest Cut

It's not exactly like being stabbed by your best friend — but male circumcision isn't far off.

Practiced for millennia among the children of Abraham as a religious rite, male circumcision is, today, wide-spread in the US as a pseudo-medical procedure. But it's coming under renewed scrutiny as a rising generation begin to wonder what they've been missing (I, II, III). And while the issue is certainly divisive among lay-people, it's also a point of contention among medical professionals.

The controversy isn't new, of course… the apostle Paul had a run-in on the matter.

So. Here's the question: if you had a son today, would you circumcise him? Is there a religious component to your decision — or is it merely medical or cosmetic? I'd especially like to hear from our non-US readers, who (if they circumcise), are likely a minority in their countries.

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