Monday, November 19, 2007

Meme: Let's Talk Missions

So I came across the missionary meme over at Connor Boyack's blog.

Here's the gist:
  1. Answer Three Questions
  2. Ask Someone the Golden Question, then Return & Report
  3. Tag Someone
The Three Questions

Did you serve a mission, and where?
— Yes, I did. I served in the Canada MontrĂ©al Mission from 1990 – 1992.

What was your best missionary experience? — My favorite? Wow. That's a tough one. When I think of my mission, I realize that I did a lot of good work, but my memories are largely of places and people, not events. But a couple of memories swim to the top: one was of me sitting in a burka lounger in the home of a long-time investigator. She had been kind enough to feed us that evening, and a snow storm was pretty much keeping us off the roads. My companion was on the couch or something, but had zonked-out (that guy could sleep anywhere). So it was just she and I chatting about the gospel, about her life, and about context. How it all fit together. The snow was falling outside, and it was just she, me, and the Spirit.

Many months later, not long after I returned home, I received a letter from the mission office informing me that she had been baptized. I wept with joy. I still weep with joy whenever I think of it.

Who is the most missionary-oriented leader you have ever had? — This is a really odd question. I don't quite get its purpose. But the first person I thought of was my trainer. He was a hard (and smart!) worker, yet hadn't seen much in the way of numerical success during his time in the field. But his testimony of the work was evident in everything he did. Especially how he loved me. He was missionary-oriented. He was me-oriented. I was a better missionary and am a better person because of his love and guidance.

The Golden Question

Sorry, folks. I leave the Golden Questions to the full-time missionaries. But I still have the missionary spirit, and love to share my testimony — here on my blog; in my dealings with members of the Church; and with the people whom the Lord's placed in my path. But in every instance, it's an organic expression of faith that is both time- and place-appropriate. So I'm going to take a pass on this 'un.


If you're reading this, you're tagged.


Barb said...

1. I was a very new missionary on splits with someone in my first area. My companion always quit when we ran out of Books of Mormon. I ran out, but wanted to keep going. We met a wonderful woman who had stopped the missionary discussions due to a hectic time. She had been teaching her son from the Book of Mormon. He was a very spiritual child although I think he was only around nine.
2. I had an experience where we were teaching a family and I am not sure how the lesson was going or anything. I felt the Holy Spirit so strong and lost sense of being conspicous common to a shy person as myself. If that is anything like heaven, I feel that everything will be worth it to get there.
3. Well, I don't do very good with the Golden Question challenge either.
By the way, I sent emails, but it said they were returned due to a bad address. I may try again.

Silus Grok said...

Oh, I got the e-mails… I'm just a little slow going though them — most e-mails take a day or two for a response.

: )

Barb said...

Oh, thought it said they were not able to deliver. I figured it was a probably with the email address or something. I wasn't implying that it was taking you awhile or anything. I am just enjoying having the day off work.

bridgette said...

Thanks for including the picture. It made me smile.

Silus Grok said...

No sweat, Barb.

: )

Hey Bridgette… my pleasure. I really hate photos of myself, but this picture makes me smile, too. So I had to share it.

mayday said...

That picture is awesome! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Silus Grok said...



I had a nice Thanksgiving, too.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that people in the 'nacle will talk about their missions from time to time. I think it would be sad for people to not share the period when they had more opportunity to serve in the Church than any other period in their life. I am uplifted by hearing the experiences. There may be some experiences that one may want to keep private, and I understand that. I think of my mission so very often. It is so apart of me. It is hard to imagine my life without going through that door.-Barb

Silus Grok said...

Where did you serve, Barb?