Friday, November 02, 2007

I Voted Early... You Should Too

Here in Salt Lake county — as, I'm certain, it is in many parts of the country — it's possible to go to designated early-voter polling stations and cast your ballot. So I found out where I could vote early, and headed down and cast my ballot.

Election night (next Tuesday, November 6th) is, of course, the traditional time to vote. But why risk not voting because some emergency or other? Why fight the crowds? I voted early in the primaries... I did it again in the generals… and I'll likely vote early every chance I'm given.

So how'd I cast my ballot? Well, I spoke at-length before on the options, here's where it all fell:

Salt Lake City Mayor — I voted for Ralph Becker
Salt Lake City Council, District 4 — Luke Garrott
Vouchers — Against
Safety Department Bond — For

On the District 4 seat, I voted for change. It was a tough call, and I won't be in mourning if Nancy is reelected. On vouchers, I was only mildly against them until I went to a pro-voucher open house hosted by a dear friend. It was there that my mind was set against the whole program. I wish I weren't running out the door, or I'd spend more time on the issue. Maybe I'll revisit it tonight.

So there you go: I voted early, and you should too!

Today's the last day for early voting in Salt Lake county, but your own locality may be different.

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