Tuesday, November 06, 2007

An Entirely Different Campaign

Today is Election Day in the US… but instead of calling you to action, or reminding you of the prophetic guidelines found in D&C 134, I'd like to discuss a campaign of an entirely different stripe: an advertising campaign — for the Church.

The campaign, entitled Truth Restored, is described thusly in a press release:

[The church,] known in the past 30 years for its cutting-edge public service ads on the family has now redefined ways to share its message in a major multimedia campaign.

In ads being run in three test areas throughout the United States, recent converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their experiences unscripted and in their own words.

The campaign is decidedly different from the (effective) schmaltz of earlier campaigns. Its tenor and approach is documentary, and the players come from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds (also in stark contrast to other campaigns).

In this billboard (one of several) , the typography is definitely "mormon", but the lighting and framing of the family is light and airy — very modern. And note the use of mormon.org.

The campaign also features a number of video spots that are optimized for both television viewing and web site embeds, à la YouTube (I, II).

This is an exciting new direction for the Church, and it's great to see them capitalizing on the their experience with the web. But what are your thoughts? On their design, the concept, the campaign in general… Would you consider embedding one of these videos in your personal web site?

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