Monday, February 19, 2007

The Frail Light of Life

A flush of blood on his thin, porcelain skin;
he looks about...
and his lips pucker 'round
a sucking stone. A hard candy.
Lemon, apple perhaps.
He doesn't know he's handsome,
and he may not be, of course.
He's just so damn easy in his skin.

A youthful air shimmers
about his head and shoulders.
He chats-up a friend as
they wait for the tube.
His hands whip about in a flurry
as he comes to something funny.
And then he changes the subject

All serious, now.

The bell chimes
the train's imminent arrival.
He gathers himself about.
His frail light dims
as he steels himself.
Stepping through the door,
he is a different man.
The depth of his gaze fixes
on his reflection in the glass.
His youthful air, now precipitate
in the memory
of his shadow on the platform.
Trampled, there, under the rush.

A bell chimes
the train's imminent departure.
The train pulls-away.
He's gray through the shade
of the window.
And then gone.


Loyalist (with defects) said...

wonderful imagery. clean form.

I enjoyed it.

Silus Grok said...

Thank you.

I struggled with the phrasing for the discription of his lips as he sucked on the hard candy... At first, I used the term "pert lips wrapped around" --- thinking that "pert" was the term for the puckering I was imagining, but it's not... it means "rude". Whoops.

I still don't think I captured it, exactly... I just love mouths. I love them especially when they have well-defined peaks above the top lip --- what I call the "second smile".

* rushes off to wikipedia *

... Ah! That valley is called the philtrum.

topher clark said...

I like pert better than philtrum. I would have got it.

Silus Grok said...

I wrote so much poetry as a youth, but fell out of it. It feels so damn pretentious. Mine does, anyway. So I was really surprised — delighted, really — when this poem started forming in my head as I waited for the tube on a recent trip to London. Even more pleased when it didn't feel like the poems I used to write.

Hope your poetry is going well … do post!

Oh! And say "hola" to Courtney and Jesse for me. :)