Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Green My Apple

I was a member of Greenpeace when I was a teenager — young, and filled with righteous anger at the myriad injustices of the world. But in an ironic twist, I eventually became cynical and jaded at Greenpeace's ability to effect positive change in a world filled with cynical and jaded people.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see a Greenpeace campaign actually make it through to my little corner of mainstream America... and even more pleased that the campaign plays directly into my life.

So I thought I'd pass it along...

From the Green My Apple site:

We love Apple. Apple knows more about "clean" design than anybody, right? So why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of their product range contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned? A cutting edge company shouldn't be cutting lives short by exposing children in China and India to dangerous chemicals. That's why we Apple fans need to demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple.


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