Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Meme: Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Devin over at MidMarketMaven tagged me with this meme.

So blame him.

1. I was called fat, growing up. And I believed them. I started holding my stomach in at age 8. I look back, though, at pictures of me then and I wasn't fat.

2. I was also called a "fag" and a "homo". I didn't believe them. Zero for two.

3. My mom and I used to dream of getting snowed-in — how wonderful it would be. And it happened to us the winter of 1993. On the same week-end. I was an accountant at a ski resort in California's Sierra Nevada, and she was living in the woods north of Spokane, Washington.

4. I am afraid of stairs. I have fallen or have been pushed down enough flights to warrant the fear.

5. I am a proud product of the Head Start program.

I tag the two or three people reading this.


Loyalist (with defects) said...

1) I retired from theatre at the ripe age of 23.
2) I hail from a northern country.
3) Prefer traveling by rail than plane.
4) I had 5 mission presidents
5) My favorite job was guiding senior citizen's into the backcountry of Yellowstone via llama, horse or canoe.

Silus Grok said...

Five? Were you in the American Sign Language Mission? ... Northern, as in Scandinavian?

Loyalist (with defects) said...

Actually, British Columbia. 5 pres because (1) they tried processing my passport in a US consulat - coundn't go to my original mission; (2) once i got to the official mission my next pres was dishonorably discharged; (3)was released and sent to the US; (4) was a temporary pres; (5) was actually a good president. An ASL mission would have been interesting, but the drama from my five pres more than makes up for it. :)

Silus Grok said...

Good golly!