Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crowing over Technorati

Just after I attended the Utah Bloggers Conference — where I heard so much about the service — I decided to join Technorati ( here's my Technorati profile) — a blog-centric networking and search site. It was simple ( and free, of course ), but I really didn't make too much use of it until this weekend.

This weekend, I decided to tag/categorize my posts, so that technorati's search engine could parse my site more readily. It's been a pretty big undertaking, and I'm still not done ( it would have been much easier if Blogger — my current blogging system — supported categorization out of the box... but they don't ). But I'll be done soon... and I wanted to take a break for a moment to encourage each of you to consider signing-up for a Technorati account.


Well, simple, really: each of you probably have a blog... and except for the few of you who keep it a secret, you each want to be read by folks. Technorati can help you with that: their search engine is used by 100s of thousands of bloggers to comb the blogosphere, and their results are recognized and valued by Google. Let's put it another way: Technorati can help you get readers directly ( through their search engine ), and indirectly ( through improving your Google ranking ).

So what's stopping you?


( And no: tagging your posts like I do isn't necessary... I just do it because I'm sick sick sick. )

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