Friday, May 05, 2006

Up a Creek with a Paddle

The view from the kayak.

So I went kayaking on Wednesday. It was my first time... it was great.

Early Dude — a friend of mine from the ward — took me up to Mountain Dell Reservoir, east of Salt Lake City. It was an amazing day... not too warm, and beautiful blue skies, punctuated by clouds just thick enough to keep everything comfortable. The water was mirror-like. Absolutely amazing.

I think I'm hooked.


Andy said...

I used to go canoeing in Oregon with my dog -- that was always so incredibly relaxing. She did capsize us once, though, which was a little scary. I used to vacation on this reservoir in the central part of the state that had all these little inlets and coves and I would just paddle around and explore and fish...fantastic!

Silus Grok said...

Central Oregon... near Bend?

I grew-up in Spokane, and there's nothing so idyllic as Lake Coeur D'Alene where the St Marys river enters.

* le sigh *

: )

And how was your dog when you capsized? Did she freak... or was she just swimming around, wondering what the issue was?