Monday, May 15, 2006

No Way Down

So Early Dude and I finally went climbing... and we had some really cool people come along: Kwai Guy, a high-schooler that works with Early Dude; Spidergal; and finally Spiderdude... her husband. We went up to a climb in the Storm Mountain area of the Cottonwood Canyons, here in SLC. Lovely lovely... and though it was really warm out, our climb was in the shadows, so it was cool and pleasant.

My biggest fear before I started climbing was making a fool of myself... but only a short way into the climb, I was more afraid of fear. I realize it's cliché, but I could just picture myself being paralyzed with fear at the top of the climb, and not being able to get down. Not the height... not making a fool of myself... in the end, my enemy was fear itself.


I can't wait to go again!

: )

( Funny story: Kwai Guy was texting this girl that he was planning to ask-out to Prom... and whenever something beeped, he was like "Is that my phone?". At one point he disappeared like kids before mobile phones would disappear while outside to pee... but he was off looking for better reception. Heh. )

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