Saturday, March 18, 2006

How Do You Use Del.Icio.Us?

So I finally added a link to my account to the right-hand sidebar — right there with links to my Amazon wish list, my Flickr account, a list of posts and comments I've made over at Metafilter, and a link for people who'd like to Google me (and not just wring my neck). It's nothing special yet, as I'm still populating it with my 4,000 or so bookmarks (which is a strange way to experience the past), but I'd like to know how others use it? Do you actually subscribe to friends' accounts? Do you recommend bookmarks through to friends?


Kim Siever said...

I just use it to replace my browser's bookmarks.

Silus Grok said...

That's what I'm pretty much doing... but it seems like there's so much more that could be done... and so much more that others are doing with it.

jeff g said...

People have been using to put categories and other sorts of nifty things in their blogger page. Here is a link which gives A LOT of info on how to do, though quite a bit of it may be difficult to read if you don't have much computer experience like myself.

Try both of these:

The fresh tags link (the first one) is especially easy to use and it makes a list of your posts according to category appear in your side bar when you click on the drop link they provide.

Silus Grok said...

Ah man... THANKS, Jeff!

jeff g said...

I just found about the coolest way that I have seen yet to impliment comments in blogger and thought that you might be interested. See here:

It's really easy to install and it looks swell as well.