Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome Friends & Neighbors

I sent-out an update to everyone in my address book with my new mobile phone and address yesterday (yes, I know... I moved back in December... ) and now I've got a bunch of people who are visiting for the first time.

So... let me see... how do I do this?

I guess I should just say it: my blog is a place for me to write and think about things that are important (or, at the very least interesting) to me. But in my life outside this blog, I'm (a little) more guarded. So you should know that I talk about things here that may surprise you. Don't be surprised, and please don't feel like you've been kept in the dark. Life is different offline. If you are surprised or worried or elated about something you read here, please leave a comment... or e-mail me... or both! You're important enough to me for me to have given you the link to my blog, so you're important enough to me for me to give you answers to any questions you may have.

I just ask one thing: you don't use my offline name anywhere on this site.

It's a small thing, but very important to me.

Anyway, welcome.

I've been doing this for almost a year, so there's a lot of material in the archives... especially good for those long pauses between infomercials at 3am — be sure to check it out! I've also taken the liberty of listing a few of my better posts over on the right side of the page... so those might be a good place to start, too.

God bless, and leave lots of comments!

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Silus Grok said...

A postscript: Writing about my archives prompted me to look through them, and I've discovered that they are absolutely LITTERED with comment spam. ... so I've got some deleting of nasty comments ahead of me — way too much to do right now, though.

In the mean time, please be careful of what you click on in a comment, a lot of it is pure evil.