Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IKEA's coming! IKEA's coming!

Spring of 2007 will see the opening of an IKEA at the intersection of Bangerter Highway and I-15, in Draper Utah. It's the first inland store that I know of, but I can't tell because IKEA's site has been down for over a week.

I'm excited... no: elated, actually. Which is strange, as IKEA is, when all is said and done, just a better breed of big-box retailer. And I hate big-box retailing. So I'm elated... and just a little confused.

But my confusion won't get in the way of me chowing-down on a plate full of their café's Swedish meatballs, or buying a case of their fizzy pear soda.



NFlanders said...

I love IKEA too. Everything except their couches (one of which I am currently sitting on).

Simon J. said...

Denver, Portland, and Las Vegas don't have Ikea stores yet. It's pretty big news.

Anonymous said...

Portland will be getting one next year.

Phoenix has had one for a year (and I think they qualify as inland, since no part of the state touches ocean).

I wonder if ikea is overreaching? Although it surely will help all the students get their jerker on.

meems said...

Before there was an IKEA in Northern California, my husband and I went all the way to Burbank to shop at IKEA; how twisted is that? Now, we moved to Malaysia, and one of the big selling points was that there's an IKEA 15 minutes from my house!!!!!!! By the way, they are currently selling real live Christmas trees imported from Sweden. That's big news when you practically live on the equator! Don't forget the Lingonberry jam on those Swedish meatballs!

Silus Grok said...

Anonymous: Oh yeah! I forgot about PHX. I couldn't check out my hypothesis because IKEA's site has been down for ages.

: )

BluDragonfly said...



I love Ikea. My husband gets tired of my Ikea obsession I think but that place rocks! 2007 is foorever away though... but it gives me time to save away my penny's so I can go on an all out shopping spree when it does get here.


Geoff J said...

Wow... all these IKEA lovers...

I used to like the place, but when I graduated from college my tolerance for it faded fast.

Any store that is always crowded and is impossible to wind your way through in less than 45-60 minutes is not for me.

Silus Grok said...

I could care less about their couches... I go for the fun children's stuff, bedding, plant goodies, and kitchen supplies.

Oh. And the dirt-cheap tea lights.

Silus Grok said...

That should have been "I couldn't care less".

* eesh *

Chad Too said...

Congrats on the Ikea. The nearest one for me is about a 4-hour drive. All our presents to family came from Ikea this year.

oh.. and to be nitpicky, Arizona may be landlocked, but Yuma is only about 80-some-odd miles from the Pacific Ocean.

and one word. Lingonberries. *drool*