Sunday, November 20, 2005

A fourth congressional seat for Utah?

In a KUTV news story that just hit the wires, I learn that there is a bill in the US House of Representatives which would (among other things) give Utah the much-wished-for fourth congressional seat — but would leave it as an at-large seat until the next redistricting (which I assume means 2010, after the next census... though if Texas is taken as a harbinger of things-to-come, that doesn't necessarily hold-true).

At any rate, the article is short on details — including an HR number — so I have little to say.

My gut reaction is four-fold: it's about time that DC gets a representative; it's about time that Utah gets a fourth seat; something doesn't feel right about this, and it may be filled with nasties; and I don't know whether this will pass constitutional muster.


(Does anyone have the HR number, so this can be read in-full?)

Thanks to Last Lemming for getting the HR number... here's the text of HR 2043.


Last Lemming said...

It appears to be HR 2043. It does not explicitly mention Utah. It merely defines the District of Columbia as a Congressional district, temporarily increases the size of the House by 2 and orders a reapportionment. Unofficial simulations indicate that Utah would get the other seat. The legislation says nothing about whether the winning state must elect its new representative at-large or create a new district.

Silus Grok said...


Looks like you're right: the seat for Utah is assumed, and the reapportionment is the national reapportionment of seats done after the census (wherein seats of congress are re-assigned among the states based on the new findings).


Andy said...

Excellent post! I live in DC, and it would be a good trade for Utah and DC to get a seat on the Hill. Check out our site for a way that you can protest this historical anachronism. It is cheap and fun!