Sunday, July 03, 2005

Senator Pete Ashdown

It's pretty early to be thinking these things... but I'm considering giving my vote in the 2006 Utah Senatorial Race to Pete Ashdown.

It's funny, I go to Pete's site from a link over at Ethan's blog, and take his little survey — which is mostly a tool for collecting contact information. No problem. So I get to the question of what issues matter most to me, and I jot down a few: privacy, intellectual property, national security, the patriot act, environment, and corporate welfare. Then I wander over to his issues page... and look what he has listed: copyright, economy, education, nuclear testing & weapons, privacy, patents & trademarks, and technology. It's a happy coincidence, sure... but one that piqued my interest.

More (I am certain) on this issue, in the months ahead.

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